Jury (2019)

The selection of the residencies’ submissions is operated on a yearly basis by an international jury. Its composition balances experts of the related artistic fields (including visual and digital arts, music and performing arts, design), executives of cultural institutions, experts in relevant technology fields (ICT related to IoT, big data, multimedia technology, etc.), of industry and innovation. The selection of the winners by the jury at the end of the evaluation phase will be announced during a special event on March 28 at the Centre Pompidou.



Camille Baker

Camille Baker is an artist-performer/researcher/curator within various media art forms: smart/e-textiles and wearable interfaces in performance and interactive art, AR/VR and mobile media in perfor...

Marialya Bestougeff

Innovation Director at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, an endless place of art of culture and innovation, Marialya Bestougeff drives the 104factory, the incubator dedicated to the accompaniment of start-ups at t...

Francesca Bria

Francesca Bria is a Senior Researcher and Advisor on information and technology policy. She has a PhD in Innovation Economics from Imperial College, London and an MSc on Digital Economy from Univer...


Paul Dujardin

Paul Dujardin is a leading figure in Europe’s cultural landscape. Through his various positions, he has been able to create a series of initiatives, projects and organisations which crystalli...


Maud Franca

Maud Franca, Deputy Director, Future Investment Program, in charge of digital economy, Caisse des dépôts et consignation (CDC). Maud Franca has been working for 20 years in Innovation,...


Yannick Hofmann

Yannick Hofmann (born 1988 in Offenbach am Main) is an interdisciplinary artist and curator. He works at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe as a project lead in the field of research & pr...

Martin Honzik

Martin Honzik is an artist and director of Ars Electronica’s Festival, Prix and Exhibitions divisions. He studied visual experimental design at Linz Art University (graduated in 2001) and com...

Chris Julien

Chris Julien works as research director at Waag Society. As a member of the board he is responsible for the collective research agenda and methodology of Waag Society. His ability to translate phil...

Pascal Keiser

Pascal Keiser develops and leads crossover projects between culture, society and economy.

Laurence Le Ny

VP Start-up Ecosystem Content - Orange
. Having worked for 20 years at Sony Music and Warner Music as executive director, Laurence Le Ny moved to Orange operator telco to take in charge strategy an...


Benoît Maujean

Benoit Maujean graduated from the École Supérieure des Ingénieurs de Marseille and the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications. He began h...


Irini Papadimitriou

Irini Papadimitriou is a curator, producer and cultural manager, working at the forefront of digital culture in the UK and internationally. She currently holds the position of Creative Director at ...