Residencies program

STARTS Artistic Residencies Program

The STARTS Residencies Program organises collaborations between artists and tech projects. VERTIGO is funded under the H2020 European STARTS initiative, innovation at the nexus of Science Technology, and the ARTS. STARTS promotes the arts as catalysts for efficient conversion of science and technology knowledge into products, services, and processes. To achieve this objective, VERTIGO is organizing and funding artist residencies within Tech projects.

The program is organised in 3 yearly open calls for proposals which are selected by an international jury. A total budget of 900.000 € is allocated for funding the participation of artists in at least 45 residencies. The selected artists contribute to the innovative aspects of Tech projects’ research by bringing original perspectives through artistic practices. Those practices should naturally lead to an original artwork based on the project technology featuring novel use-cases with a high potential for innovation. STARTS Residencies also acts as a platform to showcase produced works to the public and actors of innovation.

The call includes the following steps:

Tech Projects, companies, research labs, universities and organisations holding an innovative tech project describe their technologies and hosting offers. Producers, institutions, cultural centres, exhibitors, express their interest in supporting residencies. Artists and creatives in any artistic field and of any nationality select a Tech Project from the list of available projects, and then submit an artistic proposal alone or with the support of a producer, possibly from the list of available producers. An international jury then selects the next STARTS residencies.

For each residency, a co-production contract is signed between all concerned parties.

Link to the co-production contract templates:

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