STARTS Residencies Call 3

Call workflow
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The VERTIGO STARTS Residencies program is over, calls are closed. This page stays as a testimony of the call process set up during this program.


During a STARTS Residency, Artists work with Tech Projects on novel approaches to their technologies and produce original artwork. As a contribution to their involvement in the residency programme, selected Artists directly receive a grant of up to 30 000€.

Who can apply?

The call is open to experienced artists of any artistic field and of any nationality. An Artist must be a physical person and will be the author of the artwork produced in the framework of the residency. Several artists can apply as a collective, however they should define a team leader who will create an account and apply to the call. In this situation, the application should make reference to the different involved artists and document their respective bios and portfolios.

How to apply?

Artists select a Tech Project from the list of available projects. Artists can apply alone, with a producer of their choice, or with a producer from the list of available producers. Together, they submit an artistic proposal mentioning the grant category. An Artist can only apply to one Tech Project.

What are the Selection Criteria?

An international jury will select the laureates and the results are announced during the STARTS Residencies event at Centre Pompidou. The following criteria for selection will be applied:

  • Artistic quality: Based both on previous works by artist (selected portfolio) and on the originality of targeted artistic work and developed vision in relation to the Tech Project’s technology.
  • Art-science congruence: Synergy between the tech project and artistic thematic and methodological approaches.
  • Innovation potential: Originality and novelty of presented ideas.
  • Technical approach: Quality and consistency of the technical design, technical knowledge of the artist, hosting infrastructure, quality of the producer (if applicable).
  • Implementation: Quality of the work plan (process, schedule, milestones, specification of respective roles and proposed collaboration framework), relevance of consolidated budget with targeted actions.

What is an artistic proposal ?

An artistic proposal is made up of 3 parts.

The first part is dedicated to the artistic proposal, i.e. the presentation of the residency project linked to the tech project, made of:

  •      The concept of the targeted artwork and contribution to the innovation challenges of the tech project
  •      The justification of the novelty of the process proposed
  •      The technical approach
  •      The implementation work plan of the residency
  •      The consolidated budget

The second part is dedicated to the artist:

  •      Personal information
  •      CV
  •      Motivation Letter
  •      Video or presentation of prior work
  •      Short amateur video of the artist presenting the residency project

The third part is dedicated to the producer (if applicable):

  •      Producer’s information
  •      Description of the organization
  •      Presentation of the Producer’s offer

How to choose the amount of the grant?

The applying Artist must choose between two categories of grant:

  • Category 1 concerns grants of up to 15 000€. The cumulated duration of the artistic work (possibly split in several periods) shall be between 3 to 6 months. Resulting artworks may be in the form of sketches or prototypes but ready for public exposure in cultural venues and preferably in the form of achieved works.
  • Category 2 concerns grants of up to 30 000€ (which make up less than one third of total grants). The cumulated duration of the artistic work (possibly split in several periods) shall be between 3 to 9 months. Resulting achieved artworks must be ready for public exposure in cultural venues with their fully functional setup.

Less than one third of the grants will be attributed to Category 2 residencies. Applicants may opt to apply to Category 2 while accepting to be downgraded to Category 1 by the selection jury; in that case, they shall present a budget detailing both possibilities.

a Tech Project
a Tech Project
The VERTIGO STARTS Residencies program is over, calls are closed. This page stays as a testimony of the call process set up during this program.

Artists are likely to develop visions for technology that are different from researchers or engineers. Through co-creation, they can inspire new ways of thinking for tech projects developing new technologies.

STARTS Residencies encourage Tech Projects to host artists to boost the innovation potential of any technology. By thinking “out of the box”, artists can expand technological boundaries, develop unexpected use-cases, produce new prototypes, provide additional knowledge and stimulate groundbreaking processes. A Residency lasts between 3 and 9 months and the artists are funded by the STARTS Residencies programme.

How to apply ?

Coordinators of any Tech Project or partners with the consent of the project coordinators, should create an account on, and then fill a form describing their technology and hosting offer. The call for Tech Projects is currently open and will close on October 31, 2018. Selected Tech Projects are displayed on the STARTS Residencies website, two weeks after their submission.

What are the requirements?

A Tech Project is a collaborative project between institutions or an internal project in a research centre or company. Each Tech Project applying for a STARTS Residency may be funded through public European or national programmes or through private funds. It is compulsory that the Tech Project applying for a STARTS Residency is running during the period of the residency.

It is also expected that Tech Projects:

  • Are developing an innovative technology at a state-of-the-art level in an emerging field (e.g. smart cities, wearables, open data, internet of things, cloud computing, eHealth, virtual reality, etc.).
  • Are located in one or several countries of the European Union.
  • Are prepared to give the artist access to technologies developed by the project.
  • Aim at positive change and advancement for society or economy.
  • Are fully committed to integrate the artist into the project and the team through a co-creation process.

a Production Offer

Support art and technology collaboration!

  • Be in contact and collaborate with high level tech projects and artists.
  • Promote your production means both for technological innovation and artistic production and benefit from STARTS Residencies dissemination channels
  • Expose the resulting artwork to your public.

The production of an artistic project during a STARTS Residency may require means and/or technical infrastructures that are only partly made available by the Tech Project. This is why we invite third parties to be part of the adventure.

The Producer hosts and/or brings additional means to the residency and facilitates the co-creation process. The Producers express their interest in supporting a STARTS residency by joining the list of available producers. During the call for artists, they might be contacted by artists to elaborate a joint artistic proposal. They can also join an existing residency team.