Augmented experiences


An opera assisted by an artificial intelligence, antique sculptures generated by data analysis, a piece of Boris Vian in 360°, poetic experiments in virtual reality or with robots... Artistic creativity pushes modelling technologies to their limits.


Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 19:00NefAugmented Experiences

Cyberspecies proximity

By Anna Dumitriu & Alex May in collaboration with Schindler

How will we share future cities with robots? This residency explores what it will mean to share our sidewalks, elevators and transport systems in close proximity with mobile intelligent robots. The “Cyberspecies Proximity” robot combines the wayfinding technologies used in delivery and maintenance robots with an ability to communicate and manipulate our emotions through body-language, embodied in a delicate humanoid form. The work challenges audiences to confront the technological, ethical, and societal questions raised by the advent of urban socially-aware robots.

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Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 19:00NefAugmented Experiences

Transhuman Expression

By Liat Grayver in collaboration with the WeDRAW Project

How can technology transform physical actions into paintings? During this residency, the artist collaborated with the weDRAW project that develops multisensory technology bringing children new education tools for understanding mathematical concepts. She designed an interactive installation generating geometric visual shapes from individual and collective body movement in space, investigating new relations between physical actions and painting.

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Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 19:00NefAugmented Experiences

Content Aware Studies

By Egor Kraft in collaboration with the Data Pitch Project

Will Artificial Intelligence preserve or distort our classical sculpture traditions? In this residency, algorithms analyze and create new pieces of original sculptures following principles of classic culture from ancient Greece and Rome. Brand new sculptures are generated and 3D printed. Historical sculptures found partially broken can see their gaps filled, allowing us to contemplate them closer to their original source. New ones are generated, also including weird errors exhibiting algorithmic speculative interpretations of classical shapes.

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Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 19:00NefAugmented Experiences

Sensorium Audio Theatre

By Rafal Zapala in collaboration with FutureLab (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center PSNC)

Can music monitor the evolution of our physiological states? This residency builds on the Future School Laboratory of Poznań which studies the role of technology in research and education, noticeably for enhancing students’ concentration. The “Sensorium Audio Theatre” proposes a new kind of auditory experience: the listener is equipped with biosensors used for controlling the generation of music over time, thus providing him/her feedback on his/her physiological state and the possibility of exerting control over the musical process.

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Saturday 14:30 & Sunday 15:00Salle 200Augmented Experiences

Constellation of the Flesh

A Virtual Reality Dance Experience by Mária Júdová and Choy Ka Fai in collaboration with the Moving Digits Project

Can we digitize the dance of the supernatural? Can we transform fragments of trance into a sensorial experience? Inspired by the concept of post-human choreography, the project speculates on the choreographic expressions of trance in shamanistic dance movements and proposes new perspectives on how the body can transcend beyond physical senses and observes variations of altered state of consciousness. Maybe we all have the itch to transcend beyond our physical flesh and venture into the digital cosmos of virtual realities.

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Saturday 18:00 & Sunday 18:00Salle 200Augmented Experiences


A performance by Natan Sinigaglia in collaboration with vvvv

Can we recollect and embrace a fulfilling sense of time through a multimedia performance? The team pushes the limits of the vvvv real-time multimedia software in a performance tackling the question of the perception of time, overcoming immediate interaction and opening spaces for contemplation. Alone on stage, the artist plays the saxophone. He manipulates the audiovisual immersive scene through his movements sensed by a full-body 3D tracking device, establishing a dialogue with the custom software system.

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Saturday 14:00AT7Augmented Experiences

Cosmologies of the Concert Grand Piano

By Aaron Einbond in collaboration with O#/om-spat (IRCAM)

Can you hear the music of a piano from the inside? Cosmologies will lead us into the secret inner life of a concert grand piano. By combining experiences and motivations, Aaron Einbond and O#/om-spat Project explore artificial intelligence and machine learning and interrogate the musical microcosm of the piano interior as it is exploded out to space.

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Saturday 16:00AT7Augmented Experiences

Froth of the Daydream

By Julie Desmet Weaver in collaboration with Black Euphoria/LE CUBE

How to collectively experience poetry? Together with Black Euphoria studio, the stage director Julie Desmet Weaver find an answer to this question. They developed an immersive and interactive collective experience based on Boris Vian’s famous novel “Froth of the Daydream”. Inside a 360° cylinder structure with circular screen and spatialized sound, the audience is experiencing the life of Colin (hero of the novel), moving forward in the story if they collectively succeed in reaching the next step.

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Saturday 16:00AT7Augmented Experiences

Le Baptême

By Laurent Bazin in collaboration with Gengiskhan Production

How to translate human emotions with VR? How to feel closeness when immersed in a virtual environment? This residency explores the concepts of proximity and intimacy, through the virtual reality close-up technique. Eventually, the team developed a simple tech solution, much easier to use at a technical level for film directors, and that captures better the feeling of closeness at the centre of this residency.

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Sunday 18:00AT7Augmented Experiences


By Ellen Pearlman in collaboration with GOPROSOCIAL

Can AI be sick? AIBO - Artificial Intelligent Brainwave Opera is an immersive, interactive love story about our infatuation and trust in artificial intelligence played out between a human character Eva, and AIBO, a custom-built “sicko” AI.  Eva wears a bodysuit of light with her live time EEG brain waves displayed as colors on her body, akin to an exterior nervous system. She intones a libretto about their love affair. Her brain waves trigger databanks of videos and audio of emotionally themed memories. AIBO raises issues about a time when humans and machines potentially merge consciousness and explores if AIs can create memory through data banks that emulate human emotion.

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