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After 3 years of STARTS Residencies program, the team is happy to share the results of its works. This section sheds light on the STARTS Residencies call process and selection, the co-creation methodology, the web platform and data management as well as the STARTS Partners Networks and annual events.

To start with, get an overview of the project thanks to STARTS Residencies Final Report and STARTS Residencies brochure.

STARTS Residencies BrochureFinal Report

Call Process and Selection

Three open calls were organised to select the STARTS Residencies. First, the Tech Projects were invited to present their technology (through the deliverable Selection of ICT Projects one can discover the process of the first call for Tech Projects). Then the artists applied to one specific Tech Project and submitted a proposal linked to its technology. Finally, an international jury selected the granted residencies (learn more about the selection of residencies for Call 1, Call 2 and Call 3). The setting up of the first call resulted in the drafting of the deliverable "Residencies Chart and Contract Template" dedicated to the call elaboration and the legal aspects.

Selection of ICT Projects for First Residencies CallResidencies Chart and Contract TemplateSelection of Residencies Call 1Selection of Residencies Call 2Selection of Residencies Call 3

Co-Creation Methodology

One of the objectives of this H2020 program was to develop and share a co-creation methodology based on the organisation of 45 art, science and technology residencies. A first reflection was published at the beginning of the project and can be discovered in the communication manual for co-creation processes. The first report on residencies sheds light on the methodology developed to monitor the STARTS Residencies and presents the progress of the 25 residencies from Call 1 and 2. 

After 2 years of residency running, the article on STARTS co-creation methodology "Artist Residencies for Innovation: Development of a Global Framework" was presented at SIGGRAPH 2019 and published in ACM Digital Library and Arteca. The deliverable "Publication on Co-Creation Methodology" explains the methodology and editorial process.

Communication manual for co-creation processesFirst Report on ResidenciesArtist Residencies for Innovation: Development of a Global FrameworkPublication on Co-Creation Methodology

Web Platform and Data Management

A web platform was implemented as a support for the STARTS Residencies program and the STARTS Community. A preliminary version of the project website was presented in 2017 and the full-featured Web Platform in 2019. One of the goals of the platform was to manage the Open Calls. Two deliverables were produced regarding the Visualisation of the Tech Project challenges on the platform for Year 1 and a final version was published after the 3rd Call. For the web platform to be developed and installed after the end of the STARTS Residencies the Web Platform Technical Documentation (upcoming) was produced, delivering an extensive presentation of the platform features, of the related user interfaces and workflows, of the underlying data structures and of technical information.

The program also gathered a comprehensive set of information which can be used for further studies and detailed in the Documentation on Open Data (upcoming). The Data Management Plan was produced in 2018 and updated at the end of the program.

Preliminary Version of the Project WebsiteFirst release of full-featured Web PlatformUpcoming: Web Platform Technical Documentation

Visualisation Challenges - Year 1Visualisation Challenges - Final

Upcoming: Documentation on Open DataUpcoming: Data Management Plan

STARTS Partners Network

STARTS Residencies relies on a network of partners that was elaborated and developed throughout the duration of the project. A network management plan was drawn up at the beginning of the project.

Artistic Correspondent Network

Annual Events

Each year an event was organised to showcase the results of the STARTS Residencies program. The first one was organised at the Centre Pompidou on the 15st of June 2018. The second STARTS Residencies Days took place on March 27 and 28, 2019 at the Centre Pompidou. In 2020, the STARTS Residencies Days took place at the CENTQUATRE-Paris from February 28 to March 1st. They were followed by the symposium Art-Science Residencies: Methodology and Experience Feedbacks.

Program - STARTS Residencies Day 2018Program - STARTS Residencies Days 2019 Program - STARTS Residencies Days 2020Program Symposium 2020