AT7 - Conferences and Workshops



14:00AT7in French

An introduction to Art, Tech and Science collaborations

STARTS Residencies Days Opening Roundtable

How can art enlighten and question the most advanced technologies? With the participation of artists and scientists in residency, the panel will introduce the goals and challenges of those innovative collaborations.

16:00AT7in French

How to immerse ourselves in other realities?

New experiments for new stories - Rountable 

18:00AT7in French

How to live new experiences thanks to innovative cultural platforms?

Presentation of 3 solutions that you soon won't be able to do without: Vidi Guides, Pablo and Live Tonight!


14:00AT7in French and English

Smoking Gun

A workshop by fanSHEN in collaboration with the Data Stories Project

Smoking Gun takes a playful and interactive approach to exploring the power of data in the age of disinformation. It’s a thriller which unfolds via your phone, placing you at the heart of a potential whistleblower scandal. You solve puzzles, scrutinize videos, follow clues, chat about it online with other players. But as your investigations take you deeper, it’s hard to know who and what to trust…

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15:15AT7in French and English

Art and Medicine


How artists’ vision of medical challenges linked to scientists’ knowledge can contribute to advances in medicine? Part of artistic residencies in the medical fields, the speakers will present their projects melting art, medicine and technology and explain the specificities of such collaborations.

16:45AT7in French and English

Data Union Fork

A workshop by Larisa Blazic in collaboration with the DECODE Project

What if citizens could go on a digital strike? Based on the DECODE project providing blockchain technology for decentralised ownership and control of data, Data Union Fork has been developed through a series of panels and workshops with citizens, designers, thinkers and activists around the notion of collective bargaining. The result of this work is presented as an installation that the audience can connect to and use for collective mobilisation. Discover the installation in the booth area and take part in the collective bargaining workshop.

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18:00AT7in French and English

Reflecting on technologies

STARTS Residencies Days Closing roundtable

In art, science and technology collaborations artists take a fresh look at technologies, helping scientists to use their knowledge and devices differently. They also raise new questions on technologies’ sustainability and ethic.