Pascal Keiser

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Pascal Keiser develops and leads crossover projects between culture, society and economy.

As a theater, festival directorand founder, he initiated a cross-border institute for culture and technology in Mons (Belgium)-Maubeuge (France) from 2004 to 2012 training 400 professionals per year and hosting 20 companies a year. He co-directed the VIA international festival for the Belgian side jointly with Didier Fusillier, he founded and is President of La Manufacture Collectif Contemporain, the main venue for contemporary proposals in the Avignon Off Festival, developing an inclusive and open governance project with difficult districts in the west outskirts of Avignon (32.000 spectators in 3 weeks, 10.000 professionals).

Jointly with Olivier Py and Paul Rondin, directors of the Avignon festival, he developed the French Tech Culture label (national label for culture and technology)  awarded by the French governement (Emmanuel Macron then Minister of Economy) that he manages since 2015.

He has also directed the associated creative industries startup accelerator from 2015 to 2017, training 45 startups in 2 years. He had created the same type of accelerator in Mons, Belgium, in 2008.


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