Tech Project

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Residency Outcome
Innovative research space for experimenting to search interdisciplinary educational ICT solutions.
From Sept. 23, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2020
  • ED07
  • ED02
  • IM01
  • FutureLab  Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, 2017
    FutureLab Credits: Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, 2017

Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

We provide access to ICT technologies used to create an innovative space for experimenting to search for interdisciplinary educational solutions (as described in Technical Description): VR headset, eye tracker, haptics manipulators, EEG sensors, interactive sandbox, immersive cave, 3D vision kits, intelligent bricks sets, interactive ScottieGo! games, educational kits based on Genuino/Arduino processors. The possible challenges that should be considered are new interaction scenarios using ICT for education and learning; not only through playing and solving interactive tasks, but through teaching activity and sensitivity in the field of visual arts or music using ICT during the process of creation.

Brief description of technology

The residency will be hosted by Innovative Education FutureLab of PSNC, Poznan, Poland. There are several installations and devices that could be used in the process of collaboration between artists and research groups. The installations provided by PSNC are: - human interactions based on interfaces using voice, motion and gesture, eye movement (VR headset, eye tracker, haptics manipulators, EEG sensors), - human interaction in the environment of virtual reality and augmented reality (interactive sandbox, educational immersive cave, 3D vision kits), - innovative lesson scenarios (adventures) combining elements of educational games in virtual and enhanced reality, devices of innovative interfaces connecting various human perceptual systems: touch, sight and hearing (intelligent bricks sets, interactive ScottieGo! games, educational kits based on Genuino/Arduino processors, micro edu bots, 3D printers).

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

The essential objective for collaboration between the project and artists involved in STARTS is to create new scenarios for the use of equipment, software and lesson models, or more precisely: the entire created environment of a modern school. We are looking for artists ready for the challenge of creating a new school model in which, in addition to science education using modern technologies, there will be a space for creative interaction with art; we want our Future School users to have the opportunity to participate in art and music lessons using the full - personal or group - creation process. We are looking for opportunities to discover the world of visual arts and sound through completely new forms of multimedia, perhaps also extending the learning processes that we have already embarked on in the humanities and sciences subjects as part of FutureLab.

Resources available to the artist

PSNC Innovative Education FutureLab is located in a historic tenement house in the very center of Poznań. We provide office desk, high speed internet connection with possibility of streaming or establishing dedicated link, dedicated storage and all associated devices mentioned in technical description. Devices available in the lab includes VR/AR/Mixed Reality systems – head mounted, CAVEs, haptic interfaces; IoT – sensors, prototype boards, programing environments. On the whole floor there is a future school simulation, from the classrooms, to the teachers' room, prepared for cooperation with users. The laboratories are serviced by qualified IT staff, providing assistance and consultation during the project.