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Data Pitch is a EU-funded open innovation programme around shared data.
From Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2019
  • -  Data Pitch and the ODI
    - Credits: Data Pitch and the ODI

Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The increasing ubiquity of computing devices, empowered and connected to each other via high-bandwidth Internet - recording every aspect of life - is driving a new industrial revolution. This revolution is centred around the availability of, and access to, ever increasing amounts of data. In order for our societies to embrace and truly unlock this potential, data must entertain as well as inform. Through artistic approaches, we want to expand the reach of data-driven innovation technologies into mainstream cultural, economic and societal perspectives.

Brief description of technology

The main technologies used in Data Pitch centre around data. This includes data processing tools, machine learning tools and data visualisation tool such as Google Refine, R, scikit, Tableau or D3 among others. Data Pitch has set up an innovation space that offers the technical, legal, and ethical infrastructure for organisations owning data to be able to share it safely, securely, and responsibly; and facilitates and nurtures partnerships of these data providers with micro, small, and medium size entrepreneurs to develop new business ideas and co-create value. The most promising startups and SMEs receive financial, technical, legal, marketing, and commercial assistance to turn early-stage concepts into MVPs, secure new business, and enter new markets.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

We would like to ensure our work captures a rounded and representative view of the role of data in European culture, economy and society, We would like to invite artists to consider our ongoing mission to create data-driven innovation ecosystems as well as their broader implications on society. We would like to create a space for experimental and conceptual data-oriented works to emerge. We recognise artists as co-enquirers and researchers in their own right who, whilst applying different and unique methods are equally significant to the academic and scientific contributors as influencers, explorers and communicators. Furthermore we value the emotional dimensions powerful art can reach and create which cannot be achieved or accessed any other way.

Resources available to the artist

We will offer office facilities with access to all the technological tools used in the project. Data Pitch is an open innovation project and so the exact technologies cannot be identified beforehand. And whereas there are over 16 challenges, we would like to focus this residency on the smart transport challenge, where we could facilitate access to the data, data processing tools, machine learning tools and other visualisation tools. We would have budget for travel to the Data Pitch Accelerator launch, as well as the closing event.