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Advanced toolkit, encoding and innovative content for advanced ultra high-resolution immersive displays.
From Oct. 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

We provide access to 3 visualisation installation (as described in Technical Description): 8K wall, CAVE 1 and CAVE 2, as well as associating devices and installations: immersive audio, TV studio, 8K cameras and 3D rigs, 3D laser scanners, motion capture, streaming devices and HEVC technology and player that are developed in the Immersify project. The possible challenges that should be considered are new VR cinematographic language, interaction with displays, combination of different visualisation and audio infrastructures as well as creation final content for different immersive displays. The important issue is also UHD resolution (8K and beyond) which implies a lot of computation and time require for rendering or image processing.

Brief description of technology

The residency will be hosted by visualisation and media laboratories of PSNC, Poznan, Poland. There are several installations and devices that could be used in the process of collaboration between artists and research groups. The visualisation installations provided by PSNC are: a) 6-meter-wide full-8K 60p wall composed of 12 blended BARCO projectors and image processors, that can project also 8K stereo; b) Immersive cubic 4-sided stereoscopic “CAVE 1” with dimensions 3.6m x 2.5m with resolution 2K x 2K per wall c) Immersive cylindrical tiled display “CAVE 2” composed of 45x 4K TVs. The current resolution of the installation is 20K x 2K Additionaly we provide: - 4x 8K camera from SONY with 2x 3D rigs for stereo capture - Computational clusters and PCs that may render video and CG images - Immersive audio installation: 25 microphones (3 circles by 8 microphones) and 25 loudspeakers - Motion capture system - Laser scanners - TV studio - Associated software for video editing, rendering, audio and image processing.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

The essential objective for collaboration between the project and artists involved in STARTS is to create innovative ways of immersive content production that would drive our research related to compression and display technologies; the key aspect of the technology to be considered is an ultra-high definition (8K and beyond) and stereoscopy. We are looking for artists who are not afraid to pioneer the challenges of media convergence based on modern technologies. In order to do it, the artist should work on ideation of the innovative VR usage scenarios, combination of immersive audio and video, new VR cinematographic language that involves not only multidimensional video but also audio, new forms of the interactive and immersive content, interconnecting of displays, non-linear interactive storytelling, new experiences of full immersion, as well as the way of creation content which is possible to be displayed on different types of visualisation devices.

Resources available to the artist

PSNC labs are located in new building near Poznan city center. We provide office desk and easy access to all laboratories, high speed internet connection with possibility of streaming or establishing dedicated link, also dedicated storage, processing and rendering power, 8K and 360 cameras, laser scanners and all associated devices mentioned in technical description. All 3 visualisation installations are located in the same building, while the motion capture system and immersive audio installation are placed in different office at the opposite side of the city. The laboratories are serviced by qualified IT staff, providing assistance and consultation during the project.