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Cartamundi feels that a bridge between physical games and digital games is needed. => Hybrid Games
From Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2020
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The development and implementation of our iCards technologies has had hurdles on different moments in time and on different levels. • At the development stage; finding the right partners to work with is critical. Electronics isn’t our core business. Through open innovation we want to combine expertise and know-how of different companies to create new technology solutions which enable new gameplay experiences. • On an industrial level; integrating electronics into our products is new to us. We do not only need to develop the product itself, but also the specific production line/machinery to build those new products. Getting those lines up & running and upscaling those so higher capacities can be produced, requires a lot of expertise. • Looking at the market; implementing hybrid games is about convincing the consumers of the added value of the product. Finding the right fit (technology) to create a new game, reinvent a game, … will be key. One technology might be a perfect solution for a specific game, were another technology would be a misfit. It is about the synergy between the two. The technology must enable a new, more in-depth experience to the customer. Hybrid games will connect standard cards as we know them, with digital devices like smartphones, tablets or even readers that are made specially for a specific application (dedicated readers). The core challenges is both conceptual and technical. Can the artistic concept contribute to the innovative use of the available iCard technologies and vice versa? Can the implementation of the conceptual framework lead to the development of new iCard technologies and vice versa?

Brief description of technology

As said before, the connection between games and electronic devices can be done on different levels. But we can also use different technologies to make that connection. So far our iCards segment includes the following technologies: - iTouch: TouchCode, Dot 2 Dot and Movables - iScan: image recognition, RFID/NFC, Barcodes - iBlend: Augmented Reality and X-ray

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

Here at Cartamundi we believe that the benefits for our project are multifold and we aim to gain from the collaboration on different levels: • New innovation processes: introducing artistic strategies leading to new methodologies and processes for innovation • Development of new unexpected uses-cases: looking at our technology from a radically different point of view may lead to new unexpected use-cases for our existing iCard technologies • Expanding our technological limits: testing unexpected use-cases for our existing technology leading to the development of new technology solutions • Exchange of knowledge and expertise complimentary to our project • Stimulating reflection upon the development of novel applications for traditional board and card games in the digital age The artist to be selected for the residence should show interest in working with novel ICT technologies and should show experience with integrating concepts from science and technology within his/her oeuvre. He/she is not required to have any technological skills though, more importantly the artist should be able to deliver an interesting concept that challenges our existing iCard technologies within the framework of hybrid games.

Resources available to the artist

- A team of experts (engineers, designers, developers, concept artists and manufacturing artists) at Cartamundi to assist with the development of your ideas during the residency - For the development and production of the prototype, Cartamundi will provide an in-house manufacturing budget (to be decided upon after the receival of the proposal) - Internet connection