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Democratising mobile game design through fluidic games
From May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2019
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The key design challenge in our project is to identify interesting parameterised spaces of games, and enjoyable interfaces for navigating them manually or semi-automatically. These spaces need to be large enough to contain a variety of interesting games for users to exercise their own creative design in these spaces (not limited to games too similar to the built-in ones), but manageable enough that users do not need to program, and don’t get lost in an overly complex interface.

Brief description of technology

We have developed a technology platform, Gamika, that allows mobile games (iPad/iPhone) to be designed on the same mobile devices on which they’re played, without any programming needed. These apps include a set of built-in games, for which a wide variety of components such as game mechanics, aesthetics, etc. can be edited in the same app through a lightweight tap-based interface, allowing quick play/edit/play cycles while staying in the same context. Our first fluidic game based on the Gamika technology, Wevva, was released in December 2017. The technology is built in Swift on iOS, with games saved as JSON files and shareable using hashes.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

We are interested in artistic work built with, or in the context of, fluidic games on the Gamika platform. The artist should have familiarity with game design, or a willingness to learn the essentials, but beyond that we are open to various types of collaboration. Possible directions could include: works that help visualise and/or communicate the concept of game design possibility spaces; interactive art pieces built using fluidic games; alternate or experimental approaches to mobile game design interfaces; design of radically different kinds of fluidic games, etc.

Resources available to the artist

The artist will be provided with office space and the opportunity to regularly participate in project meetings and events, with the potential to influence direction of development. Project staff are furthermore keen to collaborate on projects of mutual interest. The project’s funding includes a budget for equipment and travel, which can be made available to the artist for mutually agreed expenses. In addition we have a variety of iOS devices available for development and testing.