Welcome reception for artists Walid Breidi and Virgile Novarina, Sleep in the City Residency, in Aarhus

Come and welcome Walid Bredi and Virgile Novarina, who will work and stay in Aarhus to work together with ITK, Aarhus Municipality on their artwork Sleep in the City, on the reception taking place on 22nd November, between 15h00 and 18h00, at DOKK1, Lille sal.

Michelle Bach, Project Manager at ITK, will welcome and present the artists to a range of audience, including stakeholders and community.

After, Walid and Virgile will made a presentation of their artwork and residency Sleep in the City.

A workshop on sleep and IoT and Art is also part of the event.

If you are in Aarhus city, and interested to attend, you can registered in this link.

"Sleep in the city" is an artistic project that uses digital and IoT technology to invite the public to reflect upon the importance of sleep in urban life. The idea is to connect participants’ sleep brainwaves through the network in order to create interactive poetic videos projected around the city in real time.

About the artists and the artwork ‘Sleep in the City’:

Digital artist Walid Breidi and sleep artist Virgile Novarina wish to create a dream-like atmosphere in the city at night by projecting videos of Aarhus that are taken during the day but recreated in real time by people’s sleep brainwaves.

Virgile Novarina will sleep publicly in seven different places of the city windowshops, galleries, museums etc. The performance will last seven nights from Monday, june 17th to Sunday, june 23rd 2019, during IoT-Week in Aarhus. Virgile Novarina will sleep wearing a headband measuring his five main brainwaves. Similary, 28 volunteers from Aarhus will sleep wearing the headbands in their homes. Interactive videos adapted by the digital artist Walid Breidi will be screened on 8 big screens in the city. People who are strolling or driving by the screens will see videos of their town, transformed by the smart sleepers’ brain waves combined with smart city data.