Presentation of the residency Suspended Moment by the artist Dominique Peysson

- Can you introduce yourself?

I am a visual artist and researcher.

My installations, videos and performances are the result of my visit to laboratories with scientists from all sides. I am now working on the origins of life, the artificial living and hybridizations of inert to living matter. Convinced that major ethical problems will arise soon in biotechnology, I consider that artists must address these subjects, to create an imaginary that brings together sensitive knowledge and complex thinking, to be able to think about these questions that involve us all.

I have two doctorates, in arts and in physics. I regularly exhibits my works in France and abroad.

- Can you present your project Suspended Moment?

Suspended moment presents the ballet of two levitating drops, two bodies and their milky way, suspended in the air, which slowly approach, then merge ...

The origin of life remains a mystery. Our two drops will give us the chance to see a small miracle happen before our eyes. We are spectators of this very precise moment, out of time, where life, which was not, happens ...

The drops are held in suspension by acoustic levitation, and the image of their dance and fusion is projected in large on the ceiling. A song immerses us, captives, of this endless process.

- What do you expect from this residency? 

This residency will allow me to work for 9 months in close connection with a scientific laboratory abroad on a brand new technology. It is very important for artists who work between art and science to be able to show some technoscientific research that is not a priori visible when conducted in the laboratory. Levitation is exactly what I needed for this reason, and it provides a strong emotional impact. I am very happy to learn how to handle this innovative technology myself and to share with the scientific team the transformations that I intend to make, especially with microfluidics.