Presentation of the residency Still by the artist Natan Sinigaglia

- Can you introduce yourself? 

I’m Natan Sinigaglia, a sound-visual artist from Italy, currently based in Berlin.
With a strong background in music, contemporary dance and real-time graphics, I create canvases where languages lose their boundaries and share forms and meanings.

- Can you present your project Still?

Still is a mesmerizing audio-visual work performed by electro-acoustic instruments, dancer and custom software. During the performance, these multiple components join together to generate real-time visuals projected in the space, together with an immersive soundscape.

The artist will perform on stage using the instruments and his body as an interface to control the visuals.

The sound of the musical instruments will be analyzed by a software which extracts live data used for the content creation. Using AI analysis techniques, the system will react to the artist’s movement, generating its own audio-visual performance, and ultimately establishing a dialog with him.

- What do you expect from this residency? 

This residency is a great opportunity to develop, together with the developers at vvvv studio, a new collection of software-tools to facilitate the artistic creation in the multi-media art field.

I’ll be able to shape this new technology based on my artistic needs, so that it will be the perfect support for the creation of the final outcome of the residency, a new performative piece.