Presentation of the residency Inside-Out by the artist Carolin Vogler

- Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Carolin Vogler, I am a curious science, tech and art enthusiast currently based in Barcelona. Trained in fashion marketing and luxury management I worked with global brands before crafting my own designs. Merging my marketing skills, design ideas and maker knowledge I am exploring new ways to create textile art and urban fashion. My creations are rooted in combining traditional and new processes and technologies to create wearable art pieces and sustainable applications for future-proof fashion businesses.

- Can you present your project "Inside-Out"?

DNA is the blueprint of life. My project ‘Inside-Out’ aims to bring this information stored in our cells to the surface by making artistic fashion pieces based on genetic information. Combining science, fashion and technology, my goal is to create wearable pieces that showcase genetics through visual aesthetics. Using textiles as a medium enables the visitors to explore the artwork through multiple senses. Using the research of my scientific partner CRG and ChromDesign, I want to make people aware of the beauty, complexity and structures that lie hidden within their bodies and inspire them to learn more about the genetic code.

- What do you expect from this residency? 

I am excited and personally see the residency as a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with a very different sector. I believe in the importance of interdisciplinary projects in order to create sustainable innovation and hope both parties will be able to learn from one another and be inspired by each other’s work. From an artistic point of view it will be a big challenge and I aim to create unique pieces that represent my aesthetics as an artist. Hopefully the final artwork will make people curious to know more about the scientific and artistic topics involved.