Presentation of the residency Biobot by the artist Zoran Srdic

  • Can you introduce yourself?

I am a sculptor and intermedia artist. In my work I question some basic premises about living and animated art work. As a constructor of puppets, I have always been interested in moving mechanisms. In my artworks I have shifted from sculptures made of organic materials towards mechatronic movement of art installations and lately towards mechanisms that in various ways employ live tissues for movement.

  • Can you present your project Biobot?

Biobot is a complex semi-living cybernetic artwork, for me a completely new development with muscles on cell level, which would contract and thus trigger movement. The project is research based and divided on protocols for growing muscle cells, development of scaffold and mechanisms that will incorporate muscles, and creation of the environment for living organism.

  • What do you expect from this residency?

From STARTS residency I hope to achieve a fruitful collaboration with the renowned producer of lab equipment. This will give me the insight of handling the specific parameters for creating the right environment for cells and as the project grows we will learn about special needs for the visual presentation of Biobot.