Presentation of the residency Beyond Absolute by the artist Reiko Yamada

- Can you introduce yourself? 

I am a composer and sound artist, originally from Hiroshima, Japan. I compose concert works, create sound art installations and work with interdisciplinary collaborators. My work explores the aesthetic concept of imperfection in a variety of contexts. 

- Can you present your project Beyond Absolute?

The LUCA device combines two photonics systems, near-infrared diffuse correlation spectroscopy and time-resolved spectroscopy, with a multi-modal ultrasound system and a probe that enables multimodal data acquisition for the screening of thyroid nodules for thyroid cancer. The goal of the project is to map both outputs of the LUCA device and inputs of patient´s subjectivity to variables of individualized sound piece, in the effort to transcend, without denying the objective physiological measurements at the root of modern scientific medicine.