Magic Lining - Co-creation video in Madrid

Both MAGICSHOES (Tech project) and Kristi Kuusk (Artist) have found in this residency a good opportunity to establish synergies and deeply develop their interests. From the insights of MAGICSHOES project — based on shoes and sound —, Kristi proposed to open the project to all the body and work notions such as vibration and garment, aiming to draw the attention to the unused internal side of the garments and textile as a space to alter people’s self-perception for more positive behaviour. Her ultimate goal would be, as she said, to contribute to a future where “instead of choosing clothes based on how they make us look, we could tap into the possibility of having clothes that are able to make us feel better — both physically and emotionally.”

Discover their residency process thanks to this interview with Ana Tajadura Jimenez and Kristi Kuusk filmed during one of their working session.