By the code of soil - Co-creation video in Greece

Kasia Molga is a designer, artist, creative technologist and environmentalist in heart. She calls herself “design fusionist”. She reimagines our relationship with nature, while questioning our technologically mediated perception of the environment — and the technology itself.

During her STARTS Residency she is working with the GROW Observatory. This H2020 project engages thousands of growers, scientists and others passionate about the land. Their objective is to discover together, using simple tools how to better manage soil and grow food, while contributing to vital scientific environmental monitoring.

Kasia Molga working closely with Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, a sound artist, aspires to help to create a meaningful data manifestation for Growers themselves, to generate output for their observation and based on that she will create an audio/visual art piece which can represent soil and growers work to people who are not too close to the land.

Last April we were in Greece shooting the artistic residency of Kasia Molga with the GROW Observatory. Listen to Kasia Molga and Pavlos Georgiadis talking about their co-creation experience.

“We do not want our piece to be just a pretty thing on the screen or the white wall gallery space, but we really are looking to create something with the function — be it well provided information aside the intriguing visualization or sonification or giving a “visible” presence to individual growers and their efforts.” Kasia Molga