Camille Baker

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Camille Baker is an artist-performer/researcher/curator within various media art forms: smart/e-textiles and wearable interfaces in performance and interactive art, AR/VR and mobile media in performance, and digital media curating. Her other research interests include: video art, live cinema, experience design, responsive interfaces and environments, media art installation, telematics, networked communities, web animation, singing and music performance. She explores new mechanisms to elicit engaging experiences using evolving approaches to participatory performance.  Baker has presented internationally, most recently at the Exhibition Attempts, Failures, TrialsandErrorscuratedbyHillevi Munthe and Tincuta Heinzel Piksel art gallery, Bergen, Norway; VSMM 2017 in Dublin, DRHA 2017: Digital Research in Humanities and the Arts Conference, Plymouth, September 2017; Woman of Wearables June 2017; ISEA: International Symposium for Electronic Arts 2016 Hong Kong. See her portfolio site and


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