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STARTS Residencies

The STARTS Residencies programme aims to support and fund artistic residencies that bring original artistic contributions to technology-based projects. During each STARTS Residency, a Tech Project collaborates with an Artist, leading to the creation of an original artwork, and the development of the innovative aspects of the tech research. A grant (up to 30 000€) is awarded to the Artist of each STARTS Residency as a contribution to their involvement in the residencies programme. A residency can also be supported by a Producer.

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STARTS Call process

Tech Projects, companies, research labs, universities and organisations holding an innovative tech project describe their technologies and hosting offers. Producers, institutions, cultural centers, exhibitors, express their interest in supporting residencies. Artists andcreatives in any artistic field and of any nationalityselect a Tech Project from the list of available projects, and then submit an artistic proposal alone or with the support of a producer, possibly from the list of available producers. An international jury then selects the next STARTS residencies.