Hosting an artistic production

The production of the artistic project may require means and/or technical infrastructures that are not, or only partly made available by the ICT R&D Project. In that cas, the expected role of the Producer as a third actor of the residency is to host and/or to manage this production with its own means, while the Artist’s fee is paid directly by VERTIGO. The Producer may also contribute to the matchmaking between the ICT R&D Project and the Artist.
These arrangements must be agreed in advance between the Artist and the Producer so that they apply together to the residency call and present a workplan and a budget integrating the Producer’s contribution.

Benefits of being a Producer:

  • Being in contact and collaborating with high level R&D ICT- Projects and artists in the framework of a residency selected by the international VERTIGO jury;
  • Promoting its production means both for technological innovation and artistic production and benefiting from VERTGO’s dissemination channels for that purpose.
  • Having the possibility to expose the resulting artwork to its own public (the VERTIGO co-production agreement foresees the squired licenses).

Managers of an artistic production structure may be interested in publishing their offer as potential Producers through VERTIGO in order to be contacted by artists and apply with them to the residency program. The process therefore is the following:

  • Potential Producers fill a form presenting their activity
  • Submissions providing all required information will be added to a growing list of Producers