End of the VERTIGO STARTS Residencies Program

The STARTS Residencies program started end of 2016. 3 open calls for tech projects and artists were organized, 45 art, science and technology residencies took place in research labs and tech companies, 3 annual events in Centre Pompidou and CENTQUATRE-Paris showcased the results of the STARTS Residencies and the teams took part in more than 100 dissemination events spreading the word on the STARTS initiative and innovation through art, science and technology collaborations.
Beyond numbers, it has been a rewarding and human experience shedding light on cross-disciplinary projects. It gave birth to artworks, enhanced technologies but also initiated collaborations often leading to friendships and long term cooperations.
For the consortium in charge of the STARTS Residencies program, it was a great way to meet incredible artists, researchers and engineers, and create, reflect and evolve with them. Many partners, long-standing or met along the way, joined the program, enabling it to become a global player.
We thank you all for your confidence, enthusiasm and passion. It has been an honour to coordinate this program.

Even if the program is ended, all the resources created during the years remain accessible. 
Information regarding the program, the residencies and events can be found on this website. A page dedicated to the deliverables and public materials resulting from the program has been created for anyone to discover more documentation on the project, its methodology and results.
All the videos about the residencies, the events and the symposium on art-science collaborations can be found on STARTS Residencies youtube channel.

It's only goodbye for now. The STARTS Ecosystem guarantees the continuity in the dissemination of STARTS Residencies results, the promotion of art, science and technologies initiatives and knowledge as well as the organization of cross-innovation and cross-disciplines events.
Make sure to register to the STARTS platform to be part of the STARTS Community and follow the developments of the initiative.