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Real time tourism distribution on cities based on Big Data and intelligent bots

Keywords: location tracking tracing tourism navigation

Description of the challenges faced by the ICT-Project

The objective is to develop a solution that allows the diversification of visitors to the city of Palma who massively arrives during the holiday season, improving the quality of services offered by the city and the satisfaction of visitors. For this purpose, the design and implementation of the Welcome Palma service is proposed. To do this we will use bots (software robots) in social networks, using the city free WiFi service, giving them recommendations and carefully redistributing tourists and reducing crowds at certain critical points of the city.

Brief description of technology

• Big data - Access and processing of human flow data sources. The project proposes to use as a basis for the estimation of flows of people and heat maps in the city of Palma user access and mobility data from the public WiFi connection infrastructure of the city. • Data Representation Design The representation of data is a key development in order to understand the dynamics of flow of people and to easily identify the points of concentration and their causes. In addition, through the representation of historical data and in continuous sequences it is possible to visualize in an understandable way the evolution of the flows of people during the day, according to the times of the year or to concrete events. • Development of recommendation engine. The recommendation engine module will make use of the profiles to adapt the contents and make recommendations. This module will in itself constitute an autonomous intelligent system capable of making decisions without external support. • Development of Twitter Conversational Bot To serve users, and as an alternative to the use of web pages or Apps, the project proposes the use of conversational bots implemented on popular communication platforms such as Twitter.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

The main outcome envisioned with a potential collaboration with people coming from humanities artists are the vision and strategy on how to turn human communication through machines (in this case communication through an online platform) in something more human and more familiar, that can generate a high level of comfort and trust for people using it. Any kind of artist working on communication, human expression, body language, etc might be suitable to contribute with innovative ideas to this challenge. Other possible collaborations are in the design and representation of information in novel ways that can better connect to the users and ease the use of the system.

Resources available to the artist

Our offices follow an open space scheme where researchers, engineers and consultants share space and work. We can provide for people coming to collaborate a desk space with a computer and Internet connection. Furthermore, we are part of the University of Girona so we can provide access to the universities’ spaces and labs.

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