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Residency Outcome
Build a kit allowing the creation of interactive costumes for performing arts and create an artistic performan
From June 1, 2019 to Sept. 30, 2019
  •   Daniel Amaya et Stéphane Garti, Wearkit (Hive1)
    Credits: Daniel Amaya et Stéphane Garti, Wearkit (Hive1)

Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

Working on data: what types of data to collect? What meaning do you give them? How to collect them? What system to elaborate between data and costumes? For what type of shows? What types of visual feedback do you create: shape changes, color changes? How to create them? With what materials? Elaborate different typologies of movements and technologies to create these movements. Develop the best technologies and materials to allow dancers and actors to perform without too much stress (weight, rigidity etc.).

Brief description of technology

It will be centered around the development of a kit to create different connected and interactive costumes using new technologies. This kit will for example capture the physical data of performers, dancers, or actors and change their costume in real time according to these data (heart rate, body temperature, body movements, etc.). The artists will work with a team already made up of a Circassian artist and an engineer. They should not come with an idea or show already created but with the desire to participate in the development of this kit, by developing a dedicated show taking into account this new type of interactive and connected costume.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

The residency could bring together several artists from different disciplines to have the widest possible spectrum. The transdisciplinary collaboration inherent to the Wearkit team, which is a combination of art and science, allow creative openness and wider potential for the use of the final kit. This residence could be followed by others in order to proceed by iterations. Each could lead to the creation of a show that would mediate technology, raise awareness and inspire new artists.

Resources available to the artist

We provide : • Room and meals at thecamp • A coaching and mentoring team • Methods facilitating collaborative creation, innovation and prototyping. • Specialists in digital arts, interactive arts and digital creation under the direction of the transmedia creator Eric Viennot, creative director of thecamp. • A fablab integrated to thecamp (with 3D printers, screwdrivers, laser cutters ...) and access to the Makerspace IciMarseille situated at 30 km. • Possible collaboration with the team of 20 young transdisciplinary talents from the Hive.