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New material technology to overcome current ceiling decoration with art as architecture within architecture
From Jan. 21, 2019 to Oct. 21, 2019
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

In addition to what has already been stated in the Technology description topic the artwork installation stage of the project is considered a key point. So an installation set will be devoted to the project team work with the necessary space and working conditions. If the final output of the project can easily be uninstalled a second installation space out of the manufacturing production plant could be considered. At the same time and depending of time and resources consumed in previous stages the producing of documentation (digital and printed) and video will be programmed as well as the communication actions.

Brief description of technology

The technology includes the following elements. Design tools for inkjet digital tile technology decoration (specialist assistance will be provided to the artist in the use of software and hardware). Digital technology easies a mosaic production furthermore than silk screens did and the ultralight ceilook ceramic body enables this tile technology to ceilings. Spray driers, press, driers, inkjet decoration machines and kiln (designs conceived by the artist will be sent to pilot production line). Installation systems such as standard T24 profiles and ceilook proprietary installation system (the artist will dispose all profiles needed for a ten square meters piece and access to design and specialist assistance if some new machining was necessary)

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

He/She will conceive a not bigger than 100 sqm decorated ceiling artwok with total creative freedom and will be required to be present on part time basis dedication in all project stages. Living close to the Castellón, Spain, ceramic industrial or often visit the district will be a must. To be sure that we build the artwork as conceived he/she will validate the output of all stages. A multidisciplinary background and experience with other materials in artistic installations that have been roaming through different locations will provide a valuable perspective. Also experience in managing installations for music festivals or similar. If the artist decided to participate in the project documentation stage and since the project team will work together with designers and will supervise the printed copies if there were any and the video production if there were any. Experience in these fields will be very valuable for the artist.

Resources available to the artist

Though Ceilook is small company the three investor companies have their production plants and installations at disposal of the project team all of them with technical equipment, internet connection and laboratory facilities. An space for the artist work will be a available in each of them according with the project planning. The design stage will be most probably base on Bestile, Ptda la Torreta s/n - 12.110 Alcora (Castellón - Spain). The tile production facility will be most probably in Bestile but some may be programmed at Azuliber, Camino Prats, s/n 12110 L'Alcora, Castellón (Spain). The installation stage will most probably take place at Ceilook headquarters, Calle Cuba nº 3 en Poligono Industrial Pont, 12180 Cabanes, Castellón.