Tech Project

A.cHoRD – Acoustics for Hand Rehabilitation Device
Open Call
In Residency
Residency Outcome
Exploring sound and/or melodic integration in instrumented devices for hand rehabilitation
From Sept. 17, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019
  •   SHARe and PC app using augmented feedback
    Credits: SHARe and PC app using augmented feedback
  •   SHARe Flying Force Game
    Credits: SHARe Flying Force Game
  •   Use of SHARe in clinical environment
    Credits: Use of SHARe in clinical environment

Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The SHARe prototype, that will be available to the artist, is an instrumented device integrating force and orientation sensors and using wireless MiWi communication with a pc. A set of apps with the 3D device virtual model, already developed with UNITY, will be available too, The challenges that the artist can explore, while not limited to, are within: • Exploration of different ways to use de device through the development of new games • Integration of sonification within the use of the device • Configuration of the device as a synthesizer • Human computer interaction for collaborative use

Brief description of technology

The project has developed an instrumented device – SHARe –that has been used in hand rehabilitation. The device houses a battery (+ charging circuit), grip force sensor, spatial orientation (inertial measurement unit-IMU) and on/off detection of the supporting surface. It transmits wireless by MiWi or Bluetooth LE to apps in computers or Android mobile devices. The raw data acquired from both accelerometer and gyroscope in the IMU is fused with the magnetometer raw data using a Madgwick filter implemented on a Microchip microcontroller, which also receives others sensors’ data. Different apps were developed with UNITY replicating a 3D model virtual device, e.g., in one of them the model replicates its orientation and it deforms proportionally to the applied force offering an augmented feedback to the user. Other games introduce challenges to the user in which he/she is supposed to interact with the games performing tasks. These games have been used with patients in health clinics and proved to be very well received and even desired by the patients. The system permits data recording in a local or online database. The prototype will be available for the artist, with the support of the lab team, for exploring the artwork

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

The artist should be exploring the use of SHARe (or even other prototypes available in the lab if of interest), using new approaches from his/her artwork area that could motivate emotional impact in order to improve the rehabilitation and/or occupational therapy processes. An interactive artistic installation making use of the device can be envisaged, eventually incorporating other type of interactions.

Resources available to the artist

The Laboratory of Instrumentation for Measurement (LIM), L006 located at Building L, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, offers a working table, SHARe system (and other prototypes) (, computers, 3D printer, mobile devices (tablets), and software. Informatics and hardware support. External and internal UPorto experts in the area of Music and Multimedia are part of this project. Regarding health area LIM has also contacts with health experts.