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Producing artistic visualizations of scientific and technological applications of supercomputer capabilities.
From Dec. 1, 2018 to March 31, 2021
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The supercomputer is set up and configured to achieve better computing performance and a flexible set-up to adapt to the need of a wide range of users. Traditionally, they have found applications in scientific and engineering fields which require large quantity of data to be processed, like weather forecasting and aerodynamic research. Recent applications were also established in the artistic and creative industry, thanks to the rapid advances in the area of 3D technologies. With the help of our Supercomputer Arctur-2 and Data Center, we at Arctur are able to offer a wide variety of 3D modeling, animation and simulation tools that are otherwise unavailable to the average person due to high computing demands and large data involved. We enable rendering and remote rendering of three-dimensional visuals, and also carry out support services for interpretation, use, and re-use of 3D data and models. By using immersive visualization and augmented reality, we are also engaging in the domains of cultural heritage, tourism and education.

Brief description of technology

With our supercomputing power, we are able to solve complex scientific problems and even achieve impressive technological breakthroughs. Regrettably, the results are generally only understood and appreciated by a small group of experts. This makes it difficult to present the products and also our capabilities to people outside specific areas. Therefore, we are losing on a number of potential users that might require our services but do not fully envision our capacities. A solution to this might be presented in the form of merging cutting-edge technologies with artistic practices that help with interpretation and visualization of the obtained results.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

The artist will have access to our otherwise restricted Data Center and Supercomputer, where she or he can create works of art that help advancing the technical culture to the general public. People visiting the facility should get a unique experience in which science and technology conducted there could be felt and experienced through art. This may include projection of simulations, scientific experiments or industrial processes through virtual and augmented reality, all of which is being developed at Arctur. With this, the artist will have the opportunity to present stat-of-the-art technological or scientific concepts in an artistic way. Thus, what we are looking for is an artist with experience in the fields of digital arts and multimedia. Cooperation skills are also required.

Resources available to the artist

To the motivated artist we offer: the possibility to stay in an entirely furnished apartment in Nova Gorica - in the proximity to the working place, shared office (desk and computer with internet access) and workspace, access to supercomputing power for video production and animation as well as other equipment (such as a drone, 360-degree camera, video cameras, etc.). The artist will work with a young and dynamic team with diverse backgrounds spanning from the hard-sciences to arts and humanities. We also offer close collaboration with the School of Arts from the University of Nova Gorica.