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Developing an incubator with integrated microscope and camera for artistic investigation of live systems
From Feb. 1, 2019 to Nov. 30, 2019
  • INSIDER  Kambič
    INSIDER Credits: Kambič
  • INSIDER  Kambič
    INSIDER Credits: Kambič

Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The company develops various types of climatic chambers, ovens and freeze dryers for medical and research purposes. They also custom develop advanced technical equipment for specific needs and are always open for technological advances and innovation. With this project, the team wants to collaborate with the artist who works with biological materials to develop a specific kind of incubator that would suit his/her needs and artistic processes and presentations. A new kind of incubator with integrated microscopes and microscopic camera for enhanced visual material would be useful not only for artistic investigations but as it could also change the possibilities and ways of institutional scientific research. Through side by side collaboration with the chosen artist and by monitoring his/her artistic work, which includes the microscopic investigation of live organisms and biological processes inside an incubator, the team wants to develop a specialised and custom made prototype of equipment.

Brief description of technology

Through supporting several artists and their projects in the field of investigative art we recognised their basic need for enhanced visual material and video recordings for artistic presentation. Therefore we would like to even more closely study their demands by following their artistic process. The artist will be able to learn about our production line, he/she will be involved in the whole process from developing, engineering, testing, prototyping and producing the kind of equipment, necessary for artistic investigation. Our team will learn about the demands of the project through direct monitoring of artistic process.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

We are searching for an artist who works on the new barriers of research art, which combines artistic approach with scientific knowledge in the field of biology and live systems. The investigation that includes working with microscope and incubator is necessary. We hope for a highly rewarding cooperation, beneficial for all of us: the artist will gain the specialised piece of equipment, much more useful to him/her than anything before, and our company will learn from artistic processes and demands to implement them in a new product which could also change the protocols for scientific research and therefore raise the demand for the INSIDER incubator on the market.

Resources available to the artist

The artist will be able to use the office facility with all the necessary equipment for work, our laboratories / workshops, 3 to 5 staff members (developers, engineers, technicians) will be allocated to the project. The whole production line from planning, engineering, developing, prototyping and production will be visible to the artist and every staff member in our company open for questions about the processes.