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Organisational Life Assistant, a virtual presence that supports instrumental activities of older adults
From Oct. 1, 2017 to March 1, 2018
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

This project aims to provide an answer to the above societal challenges by providing an innovative Organisational Life Assistant (OLA), a virtual presence that supports instrumental activities relating to daily living needs of older adults allowing them to be more independent, self-assured and to have a healthier, safer and organised life, while facilitates caregivers by supporting them on offering high-quality assistance. • ICT-based solutions reconcile increased demand with limited resources Increases the levels of autonomy of the elderly at home and consequently augmenting the amount spent at home. • ICT-based solutions increase and facilitate the supply of formal and informal care for older adults Supports the instrumental activities of the elderly with daily living restrictions that live alone, in close interaction with formal and informal caregivers. • ICT-based solutions reduce the demand for care through prevention and self-management Facilitates the supply of formal and informal care assistance. • ICT-based solutions can support the shift towards the better care at home and in the community Integrates an online collaborative platform for people in need of care, family caregivers and professional home caregivers. • The proposed solutions shall include new concepts necessary to ensure person centred care for older adults Speech technology; gaze recognition (eye-trackers); Space Reconstruction Technology (time-of-flight technology and augmented reality); integrated communication;

Brief description of technology

OLA monitors health data at home, captured from multi-vendor electronic medical devices, targeting chronic diseases such as diabetes. Sensed raw data, collected from glucose, weight and blood pressure value medical devices, is robustly, securely and anonymously transmitted to the cloud via our Health IoT sensor gateway. The caregivers can then keep track on health conditions of each user, through a trustful and secure cloud platform. The solution showcase how senior conditions can be improved and more easily tackled. Regarding daily well-being support, OLA is also used to prevent future diseases, tackling the general population of seniors, which have a low rate of mobility and activity levels, either at home or when in their community. For this purpose, the solution analyses several types of activity-related information to monitor, detect abnormalities and suggest daily-life changes, such as walks taken, distance ran, calories burned, cardiac frequency and body balance.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

OLA project will benefit from a merge of knowledge from ICT and Arts, promoting synergies on these two areas for OLA dissemination. It would be a great value for OLA to gain an artistic perspective on the interaction and dissemination by: • Improving the interaction of the user with the (already developed) application (graphical design and multimedia); • Demonstrating the usefulness of the OLA application to seniors and caregivers; and • Increasing the awareness in active ageing and importance on health care systems by society (videos, posters, etc.). The artist objective is to illustrate the usability and easiness for the OLA end-users, providing an innovative and creative approach to the market.

Resources available to the artist

The collaborating artist will be provided with: • Office and Laboratory facility • Internet connection • Technical equipment • Periods of availability for artistic production • Integration in the team of the project