Tech Project

MONICA - IoT at large cultural events
Open Call
In Residency
Residency Outcome
Large scale demonstration of multiple existing and new IoT technologies to improve security and sound quality
From Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2019
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The MONICA project will demonstrate how multiple Internet of Things technologies can help in terms of noise control, sound quality, crowd management and security at large cultural events taking place in the city. Based on several devices such as smart wristbands, cameras, smart glasses, drones, and other IoT devices, MONICA will be able to offer a portfolio of applications for enhanced city services, which will be demonstrated in 6 different European cities, involving 100.000+ end users. The main challenges that the MONICA project addresses are • to design, develop and demonstrate an IoT platform in massive scale operating conditions. • to ensure data protection and privacy in large scale IoT deployments • to involve massive amounts of end users in the deployments, e.g. by co-creation or public awareness platforms • to provide innovative applications based on the MONICA platform addressing different stakeholder and end user needs, e.g. security personnel, first aid services, citizens, sound professionals, etc. • to identify new markets and business models for IoT in cultural events • last but not least to improve the security and sound experience while reducing noise annoyance at such event

Brief description of technology

MONICA IoT Platform consisting of heterogeneous IoT Technologies, such as Smart Bracelets, Smart Glasses, Cameras, Body Sensors, Smartphones, Sound and Noise Sensors,… Diverse backend-systems to analyse sensor input and control actuator output… Depends on the concrete project of the artist…

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

MONICA is interested in gaining a radically different and holistic innovative view over the technology developed in the project. We are open for any suggestions and hope that the artists could specifically work on the user engagement.

Resources available to the artist

Access to MONICA infrastructure. He can work at Fraunhofer premises for the time of the project and has the same equipment as other members of the MONICA Team. Workplace at other project partners can also/alternatively made available.