Tech Project

Open Call
In Residency
Residency Outcome
Creating and distributing immersive and interactive art works in the smart city !
From Jan. 4, 2017 to Jan. 4, 2019
  • Le Cube
    Le Cube
  • House in Marseille
    House in Marseille

Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The challenge of the project is to prototype an immersive and interactive content for collective virtual reality : imagining and realizing together an experience using 360° projection and both individual and crowd interactive technologies (Motion Capture, leap motion, gesture recognition, audiometer, augmented, reality) to serve the artistic project and create a sensitive and emotional experience for the public. This experience will be the first interactive experience broadcasted in Le Cube. It will join the store of immersive experiences we already created, and be part of the programmation in all the Cubes of the smart city.

Brief description of technology

Le Cube is a a 360° space with a circular screen and spatialized sound, that can take 15 people at any on time. Immersive projection device, Le Cube is also a new kind of scene, an incredible playground for us and for the artists to create immersive and interactive experiences together. Interactivity between the artist and the device, and between the art work and the public. Augmented reality, Motion Capture, leap motion, gesture recognition, audiometer, network joysticks to point at or move objects, we have at our disposal a large range of innovative technologies to create these experiences, according to the artist’s project.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

Le Cube is a cultural project. A society project. We do believe art and culture must find a new position in the city, and we think Le Cube can be a real go-between the artists and the public. We also think that the technological devices we are developing can represent a new inspiration for the artists, taking them to create digital original art works. We now need to work with an artist very closely, to figure out what are his needs and expectations in order to create new interactive tools. We are looking forward to working with a living art artist (dance, theatre, music) or a plastic artist who is ready to create a 360 immersive and interactive work of art that could be broadcasted in Le Cube. We want to recreate virtually his/her artistic world and imagine, within a virtual reality performance, different Kinds of interactivity, between the artist and the device, and between the art work and the public. To do so, the artist should have a strong personnal and artistic world. He/she should also share with us the idea that, thanks to this immersive and interactive experience - and without replacing proper living art, the public could get a better understanding of his/her artistic work. The very first step of our collaboration will consist in imagining together the 5 to 7 minutes experience. The second step will be the filming of the immersive part and the work on the interactive part (according to the experience : Motion capture, leap Motion, gesture recognition, augmented reality ...). The third step will be the presentation of the immersive and interactive experience to the public, in Le Cube. We think living art is a very interesting field to explore with our technology. But most of all, we will be pleased to work with an artist who shares our society project and wants to participate in it.

Resources available to the artist

- A project manager dedicated to the project - A team : Directors, editors, programmers, sound engeneers, motion designers, VR and AR technicians are part of the permanent team. We are also working on a regular basis with Virtual Makers our historical associated partner for Virtual Reality. Last but not least, Black Euphoria is an historical member of the French Tech Aix Marseille and of the Primi, the cluster of the southern creative companies. We can rely on this rich and useful partner ecosystem to have access on all the needed resources. - A working place and equipment : we have bought a 600 square meters house in the heart of Marseille, with fully equipped offices and open spaces, fiber internet connexion, a VR room, computers, cameras, and a large range of technological devices.