Tech Project

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Residency Outcome
Gamified and Pervasive learning environment for ‘Anytime Anywhere’ learning
From Jan. 1, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2018
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Description of the challenges faced by the Tech Project

The challenge is in integrating the gamified lesson plan, which will require clear story boarding to illustrate how the platform will be used by learners and how they will interact with it.

Brief description of technology

The key components of the Beaconing platform are the Meta-game, the mini games and the location-based activities (think Pokemon Go). The gamified lesson plan will consist of linear learning timeline populated with mini games and location-based activities and learners will engage with this process through the meta-game narratives. E.g. The meta game can be an adventure role play where in order to move to the next level, the learner will need to carry out a mission and the mission could link to completing a mini game related to Physics. The challenge in the development includes developing engaging narratives, game character and scenario development and 2D/3D artwork assets associated to the Meta-Game and the Mini Games. There is therefore a need for someone who can provide the storyboard to the metagame and the lesson plan. The art-based approach will enhance the quality of the stories that will bring the activities and assets together for the platform. There will be access to the current stories and narratives, graphical assets and the lesson plans that will help the storyboard and the creative process.

What the project is looking to gain from the collaboration and what kind of artist would be suitable

One of the key research and innovation activities is to promote Arts in STEM along the lines of STEAM education. The design of the gamified lesson paths needs to consider the different cross disciplinary intersections to allow teachers and learners to experience a more applied and meaningful learning and teaching experience. The role of an Artist is key here to validate and contribute towards the integration of Arts and Humanities in the lesson path and this will include interacting with the stakeholders (teachers and learners). The Artist could be an Art teacher and/or a armature/professional Artist (preferably digital arts) who will collaborate with the lesson planning team and/or the game design team. The Artist will contribute towards the story boarding for narrative and story-driven lesson paths that will encapsulate the different problem-based learning topics and the relevant learning activities. This will include validating and refining the existing database of graphical assets produced by the consortium for the various gamified lesson plans. The involvement of the Artist with the stakeholders will be essential to ensure the relevance of the interface and the narratives of the gamified approach. If the interface to the application is not attractive and engaging, it will be difficult to onboard users in the large scale pilot towards the end of the project. The Artist in return will gain valuable experience in working in a multi disciplinary team and especially on such an applied project for impacting teaching and learning in real operational environment.

Resources available to the artist

Office facility (hot desking with the Disruptive Media Learning Lab team) Laptop (Mac) Internet connection A team of researchers working on the project and partners across the EU. Possibility of travel to meet relevant partners in the EU for developing the stories, narratives, storyboards, lesson plan, etc.