STARTS Residencies Days - Videos are online

The STARTS Residencies Days took place at CENTQUATRE Paris, France from February 28th to March 1st 2020, to present some of the main achievements of the STARTS Residencies programme and showcase the results of 3 years of art, technology and science collaborations involving more than 100 artists, scientists and engineers.

During two days, the audience was invited to discover the different forms art, technology and science projects can take: prototypes, artworks, performances, projections, workshops. Thanks to their residency, the STARTS teams challenged the matter, explored environmental questions, studied social experiments and augmented artistic experiences. While people freely discovered the exhibition and booth spaces, they were invited to attend performances, workshops and roundtables at specific times during the weekend.

A video team captured the highlights of the event as well as interviews with residency teams.

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