Presentation of the residency Content Aware Studies by the artist Egor Kraft

- Can you introduce yourself?

I’m an interdisciplinary artist. I live and work in Berlin, Moscow and Vienna. My current practice spans across media, science, critical research, philosophy & art. As an artistic method I looks for ways to produce work which sit on the boundaries between realities and their virtual misrepresentations, involving artificial information systems, computational technologies, films, interventions often in conjunction with traditional media. As part of my research-based practice I tend to develop speculative narratives questioning co-existence of human irrational reasoning and a ubiquitous impartial and quantitative orders rendered by machinic agency and technologies of today and tomorrow.

- Can you present your project Content Aware Studies?

The Content Aware Studies is a series of artistic investigations that spans computational, sculptural, filmic and textual works that together critically examine technical and philosophical capacities of AI and machine learning technologies hold, both as tools for speculative historical investigation. In simple words, during the residency in particular I’m looking to work with machine learning technologies to conduct a speculative restoration of missing fragments of sculptures of classical antiquity as well as other historical documents of various epochs. These algorithmic outputs will be turned into new machine-fabricated marble sculptures uncanny in their algorithmic integrity.

- What do you expect from this residency? 

I expect to meet scientific expertise and hopefully challenge the gap between artistic and scientific forms of knowledge production.