Presentation of the residency Artificial Intelligence and its false lies by the artist Mika Satomi

  • Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Mika Satomi. I am an artist based in Berlin. I work with electronics textiles, creating garments that embeds sensors and actuators on a person wearing them. I like finding out how things work and making them from scratch. I am curious about the future scenario of what we can do with technology and what it does to us.

  • Can you present your project Artificial Intelligence and its false lies?

Artificial Intelligence and its false lies” is an attempt to embody A.I. on our body as a workwear/uniform, to become a body of a machine that does work for us. We tend to become anxious about our future relationship with technology, especially with the fear that A.I. could replace our job postings.  Job/work/occupation... they are not just a labor we perform for a task, but it means more to us. Does the promise of “you do not have to work anymore” threaten our identity?

Here I propose to become a part of A.I. to experience the world from the machine's side. What exactly is disturbing about A.I. getting the job done?

  • What do you expect from this residency? 

I am excited to work with experts of Artificial Intelligence to discuss what it provides to our society and how it will change them in future, and together develop a speculative narrative as an outcome of this exchange. A.I. is often talked about, but we tend to base our discussion on our general understandings of it. I am curious to learn what these experts imagine the prospects and consequences of society with A.I.  I am happy for this opportunity to collaborate with the scientists who work with the topic as their everyday job.